Thursday, 26 October 2017

4 great advice for a good night’s sleep


A good night’s sleep does not always come by itself. But most of us do not realize that. It is essential for the rest of our day and overall well-being. This account both for young, adult and older people. There are many things you can do yourself. Here we have gathered four tips to help you get a better sleep.

aireloom1. Select quality for well-being

Start by choosing bedding and mattress in a material that suits your needs, ensuring you the best rest. Linen is woven in high-quality natural materials, such as Egyptian cotton, provides longevity and you will typically find that the bedding only becomes softer over time. High-quality bedding can withstand being used again and again without losing any shape or color.


2. Wash every 14 days

Your bedding stays clean and fresh, and you reduce house dust mites if you wash it every 14 days. If you follow the washing instructions, use a detergent that preserves color and clarity. Pull the bed cloth after washing. Wash on the highest temperature allowed by washing instruction.


3. Hang to dry outside

Hang drying is gentle and gives the smoothest bedding without ironing. The linen can also be ironed to make it smooth in the surface. Rolling is also an option, but it wears more on the fibers. Do not tumble dry your bedding as it wears unnecessarily much on the textures – far more than both ironing and rolling.


4. Air out every morning

Air out into the bedroom every morning, shake the duvet and knock the pillow. Put a bedspread on the bed cloth, but only when mattresses, duvets, and pillows have been allowed to breathe after the night. Hang the duvets out of the air, but hang them in the shade to keep the fibers tight.

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Friday, 19 May 2017

Bedside blanket

Put yourself with a bedside blanket from Aireloom

At Aireloom mattress we have a large selection of bedspreads in many colors, styles, and materials. The delicious bedspreads can be used as decorative touches as you move your bed. It can also help to warm yourself in the cold time. And who does not associate blankets with cozy? AireloomA bed blanket can be just the detail that makes your bed both sleek and stylish. At Aireloom you will find a wide range of good quality bedspreads and beautiful designs that can spread the comfort of your bedroom.


We have both large bedside linens for the double bed 260 x 260 cm, but also 140×100 cm blankets that are perfect for the children’s room. Whether you’re looking for the simple look of single-colored cotton or patchwork blankets in delicious colors, we have something to suit your style. What about a quilted blanket in a delicious cream color, with a colored inside? Then you have almost two bedspreads in one! You will also find cotton bed linen and other fabrics that can be washed at 40 degrees so you do not have to worry if you are spilling on the rug.

One bedspread – many options

Perhaps you connect bed tags with the little detail that makes a red bed extra inviting. But in fact, a bedspread does not only have to be used as a decor but has several clever features. When it’s summer and too hot with a duvet, a bedspread is an obvious alternative that can keep you well-tempered and thus well-rested. During the winter months, there is nothing like a warm bed blanket to warm up before going to rest. In addition, nobody can tell you that a bedspread can only be used in the bedroom.

It is obvious that you have to put your blanket on the couch when you are in front of the TV. And who has not tried to lie ill at home and therefore put on both blankets and pillows? A bedspread is therefore both a delicious and versatile addition to the home. Find your new favorite here on the page. You can easily order your bedspread online or go to one of our many stores around the country.

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Monday, 8 May 2017

Bed frame

A great mattress needs a great bed frame, They come in many different shapes and styles, so let’s look at some of them.


Kaagaard – bed frame in neutral design

Aireloom mattressThe Kaagaard bed is cheap, modern and timeless. It can be purchased in several sizes.
This bed frame fits an 180 x 200 cm mattress, and it is both cheap and extremely stylish. It is also easy to combine with other white furniture, and you can, for example, take advantage of the space under the bed for storage of linens and cushions.

The Kaagaard bed frame is suitable for the smaller bedroom where space can be used optimally. There is plenty of space under the bed, so you can store bed sheets or discreetly and nicely. You can also leave the room free if you want easy access with the vacuum cleaner.

The four round legs have a nice chrome look and the main board consists of two planks so the bed does not have to stand up a wall.



Pippi – robust bed frame in solid oak or core beech

Aireloom mattressThe Pippi bed frame is made of solid wood, available in both oak and core beech. It is robust and stylish from top to bottom.
This beautiful bed frame is made of solid wood from top to bottom, and it is both a sturdy and delicious bedside table. It is available in either beech or oak. Both kinds of wood have the characteristic warm color and robust appearance.

The slope slopes a little bit backwards, so you actually have a comfortable backrest together with a pillow. And it’s especially useful if you like to read before bedtime.

The legs are fitted with metal hook feet to break with the massive wooden look, and it is a stylish little detail that adds a little exclusivity to the bed. In Better Nights, you can also buy drawers and bedside tables. You can also leave this and just place boxes or keep the bottom completely free from storage, and combine with your own bedside tables.

The bed frame is available with a width of 140, 160, or 180 centimeters.


Messina – massive double bed with 4 drawers

aireloom mattressMessina bed frame is available in white painted lighthouse, nuclear beech or oil-treated lighthouse.
The Messina series bed frame is available in several varieties and sizes. In the picture you can see the 180 x 200 model in white lighthouse which is perfect for you who want a bright and welcoming interior of the bedroom.

Here you will find a cheap double bed with drawers. It is extremely convenient for you who would like to store bedding and decorative pillows directly under the bedside.

This bedside is robust and solid in a minimalist design. The drawers have no grip and roll out easily from the bedside when you need them.

The Messina frame is available in varieties of nuclear beech, oil treatment lighthouse and white painted lighthouse.



Wing – modern bed frame

Aireloom mattressWing bed frame from Jabo furniture is made of luxury materials in a delicious and exclusive design.
This luxurious and unique bed frame is a sure investment for the feinschmecker. The design is both ultra-modern and completely timeless, as clean quality materials are never out of fashion.

The massive oak in the Wing bedside exudes quality and charm, and the height of the bed is in a category so it feels comfortable and nice to stay in bed.

This bedside table fits a 180 x 200 mattress, and you choose whether you want to buy the bedside table, bedside table or rollerblinds. In addition, a superb bedside table for you who wants a good storage space beneath it.





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Monday, 1 May 2017

The pillow guide

Finding the right pillow can be hard without a proper pillow guide. Shape and size vary a lot.

The market may seem insurmountable, but it does not need to be all that difficult. To get an overview, you can divide the pillows into a handful of main categories.

Here are the six main categories:


Pillows with dun and feather

airloomThe pillows are filled with different amounts, blends, and grades of dun and feather. The classic 1-layer pillow (cover with stuffing) is super flexible and can be knocked flat or mossy well together to fill it. It is today supplemented by pillows with layers, or some chambers that provide different support and softness in various zones.





Pillows with fiber fill


Aireloom The pillows are often highlighted as hypoallergenic because they can withstand washing at 60 degrees, but there are many pillows with feathers too. The pillows are cheap, durable and hygienic – they do not soak moisture and dries quickly., They can become hard, warm and less flexible than feathers. In recent years, however, there has been a lot of development, and the category now also includes pillows with high comfort, cotton bolts, and items from the special pillows department. Hollow fibers provide a lightweight, and airy pillow, ball or ball fiber, an elastic and malleable pillow, microfiber can make the pillow almost duny.


Pillows of nature latex



aireloomNatural rubber or latex derived from rubber trees has been used for pillows for decades. Most well-known is Talalay latex, which is processed so that it remains open in its cellular structure, thus achieving a particular breathability and firmness. The pillows are known to preserve the shape for years, why shifts primarily take place for hygienic reasons. Several companies have joined the field, and the quality varies. The pudding type is especially suitable for those who need a tall and relatively firm pillow.



Pillows of memory foam


aireloomMost well-known is the Aireloom brand, which in the 1990s launched a high-tech foam material with pressure relief properties developed in cooperation with Nasa. It is a temperature sensitive material with open cells that conform to the body. When the pressure disappears, the material returns to its original shape. The classic has inspired many other manufacturers to produce so-called function pads. The relatively large quality difference from foam type to foam type.



Pillows of simple foam


aireloomSuch pads may be cut from ordinary foam rubber (polyether) or made of similar non-memory synthetic materials. Consider the relationship between price and quality. The material yields pressure but does not conform to the body and does not rise again as memory foam.



Combination pads


aireloomPillows, which are made up of different materials to make the best use of their respective properties. Here too, teams are used, for example. Memory foam surrounded by thin, and zones, e.g. Headrests of latex and chambers filled with different amounts of carbon fibers.

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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Here is the Mattress shopping guide

Thinking that the Structure Plays a Secondary Role To the Mattress. -A complete mattress set includes the mattress itself in addition to the structure likewise referred to as box spring. While many customers concentrate on exactly what enters into the mattress, it deserves taking a look at the structure as the indispensable 2nd part of a complete mattress set. No matter how comfy a mattress might appear, if you do not utilize a proper, high quality structure, the convenience qualities could be lost on a bad structure. In numerous methods, the structure itself really contributes more to the sleep experience.

While the life of a mattress depends on it's product and how well it was produced, if you addressed "yes" to Concern 1, then opportunities that its time to begin searching for a replacement. We need to keep in mind that a producer's service warranty does not always ensure that your mattress will continue to offer appropriate assistance for the length of the warranty. Generally a service warranty just suggests that a mattress maker assurance's versus flaws in quality.

Nevertheless, service warranties do vary from one producer to another, so make sure to check out exactly what the producer of your existing mattress has actually consented to prior to buying a brand-new mattress. If you addressed "no" to Concern 1, however "yes" to a few of the other concerns asked, then your bed might be brand-new enough that it's not broken, however it seems like its not offering you with enough of or the ideal type of assistance. There might likewise be diplomatic immunities that necessitate the purchase of a brand-new mattress, such as when floods or moist conditions trigger your bed to establish hazardous mildew or mold.
The Airloom mattress you discover most most comfortable sleep with your partner. If that holds true you'll wish to discover a mattress you can both concur appropriates, even if it's not your first choice. To correctly examine each possibility you need to lay on the mattress the same way as you'll be sleeping each night. Make certain to lay on the mattress for a minimum of a couple of minutes. A few of the products utilized in bed mattress react to both weight and heat, and can take a number of minutes to totally get used to your body. If you move quickly from one bed to another you might be losing out on all a mattress needs to use.

Have comfortable sleep with Airloom mattress

The Airloom Mattress mattress is a popular option for those who wish to sleep on an everyday basis. The very best option is a mattress that is made from latex or foam. Furthermore, the Airloom Mattress topper is a fantastic option for those who wish to sleep on a routine basis. The tempurpedic foam pillow is a popular option for individuals who are sleeping on the bed. The mattress is hypoallergenic and can be utilized to offer a comfy temperature level for your body. The Airloom Mattress is a soft product that is durable and can be utilized in any office or home.

The first thing to do is to have a look at the bed. The bed is the most vital part of the bed room. The bed room is the most crucial location of the space. The space needs to be put in the center of the bed room.

The Airloom Mattress mattress is a popular item for the astronauts' body. It is a terrific mattress topper for those who wish to sleep on a memory or a nap. The very best Airloom Mattress mattress is a terrific option for an individual who wishes to sleep on a routine basis. It is an excellent concept to have a mattress that is specifically created for the body.
The cozy Airloom bed mattress are made from latex or visco foam. The foam is firm and takes in the pressure on the surface of the mattress. The density of the latex is a bit higher than the density of the mattress.

The essential thing to keep in mind when purchasing a bed is to make it a mattress topper. It is necessary to make your mattress a comfy and comfortable location to sleep. You can utilize a Airloom Mattress pillow to make your body feel much better. Furthermore, you can buy a Airloom Mattress topper that is hypoallergenic. It is a fantastic method to obtain your body to sleep equally. You can utilize a sd card to make your pillow more enticing.

The mattress is a fantastic location to buy a bargain of info. A terrific method to obtain a great idea is to purchase a foam latex mattress. Likewise, an excellent method to obtain a Airloom topper is to acquire a mattress that is hypoallergenic. The Airloom mattress is a terrific method to obtain the very best sleep in your life.

The most typical kind of bed is the Airloom Mattress mattress. The mattress is made from foam and is made up of a visco layer of memory. They are offered in a wide variety of products. The foam is utilized to produce a visco layer of memory. They are a fantastic method to obtain the very best outcomes. The memory of the mattress is the most essential consider the general convenience of your house.

An excellent method to obtain a back is to rest on a mattress that is adjustable. The mattress is a soft and long lasting product that is utilized to make the body more comfy. The body is likewise an excellent location to sleep. The very best location to purchase a good night's sleep is a Airloom Mattress mattress. It is a great option for an individual who wishes to sleep on a routine basis.

Best Airloom preferred Mattress Review

A preferred mattress amongst both music and film stars, the flagship item, the Royal Aireloom mattress, utilizes Joma wool in the mattress top, supplying both temperature level control and a greater level of air flow than would be anticipated of other bed mattress, such as the Simmons Beautyrest. Meant to offer firm assistance and an impressive night's rest, it just needs a couple of minutes of reclining on the surface prior to the majority of people concur that it is the very best mattress they have actually ever lain upon.

Among the important things that sets an Aireloom mattress apart is the pocket coil style itself. Each spring is separately confined, and the base is incorporated an unique 8 method pattern that guarantees the springs stay in place which owners will get the very same assistance and convenience each time, without worry of the springs moving about through continued usage. Contribute to this the design and convenience of the pillow leading style, and you have a bed that is both attractive and welcoming.

For a genuinely good night's rest, it might remain in your benefit to purchase a quality sleep surface area like that offered from a Royal Aireloom mattress. Used a special hand crafted connecting strategy, and including Joma wool, the Aireloom has a long history of offering the very best rest you can obtain from an inner spring mattress. Initially presented to the United States as a bed for the requiring stars of Hollywood, its pocket spring, memory foam, and wool building and construction is constructed for the most critical individuals on the planet.

If budget plan is a huge issue, however you still desire the quality of an elegant bed, think about the Aireloom Studio mattress as a more budget friendly choice. It is developed with the very same products and quality style as the more costly designs, however far more cost effectively priced. It is even readily available in Pillow top, Euro top, and other popular mattress leading designs, enabling you to select the design which is more attractive to your individual tastes.

4 great advice for a good night’s sleep

  A good night’s sleep does not always come by itself. But most of us do not realize that. It is essential for the rest of our day and over...